Zeke Bella

Zeke Bella INDUCTEE 2013
John “Zeke” Bella former Major League Baseball outfielder. Bella played for the New York Yankees in 1957 and the Kansas City Athletics in 1959. In 52 career games, he had 18 hits in 92 at-bats, with a .196 batting average. He batted right and threw left-handed. Bella was signed ... Read more

Sue Merz

INDUCTEE 2013 Sue Merz
In 1976, the town’s skating rink in Byram was named in honor of Dorothy Hamill after the Riverside native won the Olympic figure skating gold medal. Twenty-six years later, a second resident’s name was added to the facility when the roadway leading into the rink was named Sue Merz Way in tribute ... Read more

Steve Young

INDUCTEE 2013 Steve Young
NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback Steve Young took over the 49ers after Joe Montana. Attempting to fill shoes that seemed to big to be filled, Young took the field and showed every fan in the league why Bill Walsh went after him so progressively. Two MVP awards later, and one Super Bowl ... Read more

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